Preparing Your Home For Sale
Is your home’s appearance beautiful? Think of your home as a model home. Below are some guidelines to help you get your home ready to sell fast!

  Outside – Curb Appeal
  1. Your fence, yard, lawn, trees, flower beds, plantings should be well maintained.
  2. Your siding, doors, steps, sidewalks, driveway well maintained
  3. The yard should be mowed
  4. There should be no leaves left on the lawn
  5. Garbage cans, lawn mower, snow blower should be put away


Inside - Make your home feel open and spacious!

  1. Clear your home of clutter by packing up items not being used. Have a garage sale, donate items or designate a storage area or room (i.e. Attic, garage, area in basement)
  2. Toys should be placed in a bin, or have a designated area
  3. Clean all windows, walls, floors, appliances, fixtures
  4. Make sure there is proper lighting (all lights functioning)
  5. Carpets should be cleaned
  6. Hardwood floors should be shining
  7. Fresh clean fragrance in the air
  8. Place flowers on tables
  9. Organize book cases and magazine racks
  10. Organize the pantry
  11. if you do not have air conditioning, consider a couple of air conditioning units to be included in the sale

Structure – Some Items Inspectors Look at for an Inspection

  1. Are all trees and shrubs trimmed away from the house?
  2. When was the last time you pumped your septic?  Keep records of your septic system.
  3. Have you had your well water tested?  Keep up to date records of any testing.
  4. Have you tested for Radon?  Keep these records as well.
  5. Is your basement damp?  Buy a dehumidifier.
  6. Check your attic and basement for mold/mildew.  If you see anything, or you’re not sure, call a specialist to remediate any problem.
  7. How old is your furnace?  If it is older and you do not intend to replace it, have it cleaned and checked once a year.  Keep records.
  8. How old is your hot water tank?  If it is older, you should think about replacing it.
  9. How old is your roof?  Do you have a warranty on the roof?  If you have slate, have you been maintaining it annually?
  10. Check windows for cracked seals or broken glass.


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