Wondering how it all works? Casa Bella can make the process of buying a house easy and enjoyable for you. Here are the basic steps involved in buying a house:

  1. A personal interview with Broker/Agent to determine your needs and wants.

  2. An explanation will be given of each step in detail of the process of buying your home.

  3. Assistance in obtaining a mortgage pre-qualification or pre-approval letter from a mortgage broker/bank.

  4. Review of all forms and contracts that are needed for the process of buying a home.

  5. An evaluation of each home you are interested in will be given. Including comparison reports of similar homes.

  6. Advice will be given, based on knowledge and experience to help determine the price of the home.

  7. An offer will be written for you.

  8. A copy of the contract will be sent to your attorney for review.

  9. A copy of the contract will be sent to the Bank/Mortgage Broker.

  10. You will schedule an inspection of the house with a certified home inspector and the broker/agent. If the house has a septic system you will call a septic professional to inspect.

  11. You should confirm with the Bank/Mortgage Broker that an appraisal of the property has been scheduled.

  12. The Bank/Mortgage Broker needs to give you a mortgage commitment to sign.

  13. The Bank/Mortgage Broker needs to give the attorney the “clear to close”.

  14. The attorneys will schedule the closing.

  15. A walk through of the property will be scheduled by the Broker/Agent just before closing.
All dates and steps will be monitored throughout the process by the Broker/Agent.


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